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We at Timecafé, can tell you all you ever wanted to know about the luxury watches that you wanted to own.  Whether they are Rolex watches, Panerai watches, Patek Philippe watches, Breitling watches, Omega, Tag Heuer, or  Cartier watches, Timecafé is the source for everything you need to know about these wonderful timepieces!

What is a Watch? – An accessory?  A fetish?  A status symbol?   Luxury?  Asset? A watch is an index of your personality. It can define the person you are.   A watch is no longer an accessory, but it is an access to let people know your choice, your personality, and You, the person.

Before you browse, get to know what we mean by quartz watches and mechanical watches.  An "automatic" wristwatch is a mechanical wristwatch with a self-winding mechanism.  In other words, one does not have to wind the crown periodically to keep the watch running.   A "manual" or "manual wind" watch must be wound by hand, using the crown, usually every day, to operate continuously.

A quartz watch uses as its regulator (the device responsible for keeping time), a tiny tuning-fork-shaped piece of quartz (which is how quartz watches got their name). A mechanical watch uses as its regulator a tiny wheel called a balance wheel and a spring called a balance spring or hairspring. The underlying difference is a quartz watch is powered by the electricity  in a battery while; a mechanical watch is powered by a mainspring.

The mechanical watch comes in two varieties - the automatic/self-winding watch and the manual-winding watch.  Timecafe lets you pick your preference, but if mechanical, please read about watch winders to keep you watches wound.  After some time on the wrist, you might also be in the market for a new watch strap, or band.  Credible and timely information of the newest watch releases, Timecafe keeps a watch on the luxury watches that enter the market.

You could ask the question …why do I need a luxury watch?  I can get a simple, utilitarian, nice-looking watch? Own one and you will quickly learn!  The grandeur, the class, the royalty, the quality, and the usability is unique and precious.  At Timecafé, experts write about watches that suit many moods and styles.

Luxury timepieces that you would yearn to possess and can own for a lifetime… Timecafé is the right place to begin!  Timecafe will educate you about what to buy, and why to buy.  It is not about the money spent on the watch, it is about the satisfaction — Timecafe can help!

If you have any recommendations for watches other than  Cartier Watches Breitling Watches, Panerai WatchesRolex Watches , Watch Bands, and Watch Straps  etc.. feel free to contact us via email.

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