Rolex President Watches

Rolex-President watchesIn a time when Swiss watch manufacturers were ruling the roost, a German turned English watch maker named Hans Wilsdorf decided to launch a watch company along with his brother in law. Little did he know that his watch company would become one of the most renowned names in the watch industry.

The name Rolex is synonymous with wealth and honor. Owning a Rolex watch is a matter of pride for anyone. Being more than 100 years old, this company has earned for itself a status that is difficult for most others to achieve. Rolex was founded on 2nd July, 1905, in London, and initially it was known as Wilsdorf & Davis.

One of the problems that Swiss manufacturers faced at that time was the difficulty to control precision in a small dial wrist watch. This was because the trend at that time was of pocket watches, which were larger in size. But Wilsdorf, being obsessed with precision, wanted his watches to fit on the wrist, and tell the perfect time, no matter what the situation was. Hence, the two major prerequisite for Rolex watches was to keep accurate time, no matter what, and the second was the reliability factor. Keeping these two criterions in mine, Rolex watches did their business.

In 1910, Wilsdorf sent his timepiece to the School of Horology in Switzerland and there his watch was rated the world's first wristwatch. Thus, this was his first step over the Swiss watchmakers. But Wilsdorf did not stop there. He wondered what would be some of the things that could challenge precision of time. Dust and moisture in the air was a big factor that hindered the clockwork in watches. Hence, Wilsdorf came up with an idea to create a completely dust and moisture free timepiece.

When the first Rolex dust and water proof watch was launched, the public was not too interested, as they could not understand how a timepiece could be 100% water and dust proof. But Rolex used an interesting marketing tactic that would remain in the back of everyone's mind, and thus, compel them to think of buying one Rolex timepiece. In every shop window, the watch was kept in an aquarium. In fact, this advertising campaign was incorporated all around the world. Consequently, this campaign created huge brand awareness for Rolex.

The Rolex President, then known as 6511 "Day Date", was launched in 1956. The unique point about this timepiece was that this intricate watch had a window showing the date as well as the day. This watch was a large timepiece, which thereafter became the signature style of Rolex. The Day Date was named President after it was presented to US President Eisenhower. The Rolex President is available for ladies as well. In 1983, the quick set feature was incorporated to all Rolex watches. Instead of turning the crown all the way, to display the correct time, the quick set method allowed the wearer to pull the button out half way and then make a few turns, and the correct date would be displayed.

Apart from that, Rolex has other elegant watch ranges including Oyster Perpetual, Oyster Professional, Cellini, Oyster 31mm, New Datejust Rolesor, 50 years Submariner, and the Ice Campaign. All these watch ranges exude class and style with the trademark Rolex feature, the large timepiece on the wrist. However, slender versions are available today.

Rolex is endorsed publicly by several individuals who embody "the constant pursuit of perfection." Musical greats such as Yo Yo Ma and Eric Clapton, explorers such as Sir Edmund Hillary, and tennis players such as Andy Roddick all wear their Rolexes proudly. Rolex's ambassadors come from all realms, demonstrating the versatility and timelessness of the Rolex image. From the concert hall to the race track, you will find Rolex watches on the wrists of spectators and participants alike. 

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