Devon Timepieces - Tread 2


DEVON Timepieces displayed the Tread 2 timepiece at the 2012 Baselworld International Watch Fair in Basel, Switzerland.   According to the company, the response was positive and orders began to pour in.  In spite of the positive response, the company’s founder, Scott Devon, felt the Tread 2 was still not ready for prime time.  In the summer of 2013, he marched his design team back to the drawing board.  “I felt the original Tread 2 design was in danger of being considered derivative of the Tread 1, sort of like when the successful rock band plays it safe with their second album, I’m glad we took our time and revisited the design.  To me, it now has the emotive power people have come expect from us.  With Tread 2 I think we again achieved our goal of making sure every product that comes out our door is something truly special and segment-defining.”

The most noticeable change is the complex bracket system that had previously held the bezel onto the case was replaced with a collection of eight fasteners that provide instant visual interest to the face of the watch.  And while the Tread 2’s crown retains its innovative articulating arm, it now closely resembles the business end of a hunting knife.   The master link system has also been changed in order to provide a more integrated transition from case to strap.

Inside, users will notice a more mature functionality and have incorporated a chronograph feature, which is a treat to behold.  Activated by pushing down on the crown, the chronograph ticks off seconds on the minutes belt and minutes on the hours belt and can be reset at the touch of a cleverly designed button situated in the middle of the crown. 


  • 44.2mm x 41.7mm x 14.5mm 316L Stainless Steel case
  • 1mm thick sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant to 10M
  • Leather and rubber straps
  • .002” thick fiberglass-reinforced Nylon Time Belts©
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery lasts up to two weeks on a single charge
  • Inductive wireless charging system
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